Saturday, 9 July 2011

Lazy Saturdays

I love lazy Saturdays.  I know I should feel guilty - a whole day wasted when the garden needs doing, the house needs cleaning, etc, etc...  But you know what?  :-P~~~~ to all that.  :-P~~~~, I say.  Sometimes, the world needs lazy Saturdays.

It wasn't too lazy.  I think a load of washing or two went into the machine (and amazingly, even got hung out to dry AND brought in again), the garden got watered and the crumbed lamb cutlets and cauliflower-potato puree we had for dinner were made from scratch.

Niamh also got a new job (mostly because I had made some more coloured rice, and needed to justify it).  So here she is, playing with her new pouring job.

First, she needs to use a spoon to get the rice into the funnel:

The funnel had a very narrow neck, so if it was over-filled, the rice wouldn't pour through.  But you could use knock the spoon on the funnel to help unstick the rice:

The yellow funnel has a wider opening, so you could spoon more rice in at once:

Bah - just use your fingers:

I love this photo because it really shows her concentration:

 Then pour it all back into the container:

Then, some reading from our old favourite, Where is the Green Sheep? by Mem Fox.  She reads it herself, these days:

Later, we made music with Daddy:

 All in all, a quiet, lazy Saturday.  Just how I like em.

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