Monday, 11 July 2011

Colour Month Continues...

Not much to add for today's post.  Plans are underway for Niamh's 2nd birthday (wow - that came around way too fast!).  In keeping with Colour Month, we have chosen a rainbow theme, inspired in part by THIS lovely entry on the wonderful Chocolate Eyes blog.

I am so admiring of Mamawestwind's beautiful Waldorf-inspired toys and hand-made crafts that I have been motivated to try my hand at a few ideas of my own.  So here are some photos of what I have been up to today.

Story sticks (or rhythm sticks, or even both!):

 They are made from pine dowel and painted with non-toxic water colour paint.  I'm currently finishing them with a natural beeswax polish.

Once I have perfected the finish, I may think about making some for sale.

 While not a complete believer in every aspect of the Steiner-Waldorf method, I am very much convinced of the need to fill a child's life with simple, beautiful things, imaginative stories, thrilling experiences, secret hopes and tiny treasures.  This is one area where the traditional Montessori approach falls short, in my humble opinion.  Fairies should live at the bottom of every child's garden.  I hope to incorporate as many fairies, elves and gnomes into Niamh's life as she wishes to have fill her up.

I can't wait for them to visit.

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