Friday, 11 May 2012


Patience is something I've never been particularly good at.  And, I've discovered, it's not really something I have been particularly good at learning, either.  Despite many, many opportunities having presented themselves to me, I remain sadly lacking in the acquisition of patience department.  In fact, given that I have Niamh to compare myself to, I can now safely say I have the patience of a two year old.

 A lot of things have been happening here, lately.  Not many of them pleasant, but with the ups of life must, I suppose, come the downs.  One HUGE up is that Niamh and I will soon be moving to northern Antarctica (aka Tasmania).  A very sweet little farm and a welcoming community of gorgeous unschoolers await us there, and I have been assured - by my duck-mad and rather persistent offspring - that many, many ducks will soon be quacking their way into our future...(and if I get MY way, into a my oven.

Waiting for all this to come to fruition is hard.  And I'm not getting ANY better at being patient, despite the fact I have no choice.

Anyway, enough about all that for now (though watch this space for more news!).  What has Niamh been up to lately?

She has been learning how to fix the reticulation

Creating her own sense of style

Dancing (with ducks)

Drawing (ducks)

Archaeology (with dinosaurs!)

Making an ice cave for her toys to explore

Making a solar system model

And just generally living life as only a 2 year old does!

Come to think of it, I have way LESS patience than a two year old. 

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