Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A Beginning...

We all have to start somewhere, I suppose.  And so here I begin...

A few things occur to me as I sit, staring at my blank screen, waiting for words to magically appear:

1.  I am more computer illiterate than even I thought possible.  Or possibly more sleep-deprived.  Either way, the outcome is the same.  Embarrassing to admit, but it has taken me three nights to work out how to actually write these rather pointless words in this very simply-designed application.  And what is more humbling to learn is that I am proud of this meagre achievement and so therefore must also now deal with the certainty that I will not go far in life...

2.  I don't really have anything of value to impart.  A lot of rambling, ranting and, yes, pointless things will be written here.  I guess I should offer up an apology now, since once I become carried away with the illusion of my own importance, I will soon forget that no one else cares what I say here.

3.  The purpose - snort, cough - of this blog is multifold, and to that end, I am still unsure.  I plan to write a little about my life, and the life of our family; my daughter and my choices in raising her the way my partner and I see best; attachment parenting and my experiences good and bad; natural learning; my dogs; and the occasional paltry offering of the written word.

I was once a writer.  Now...I am a blogger.

I will do my best to reconcile the two, and with luck, I might take a few of you with me.

Be welcome.  Be peaceful.  Be willing.

Thank you.

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